Welcome to the team Josh!

Josh is a product designer from Kent, he studied at Loughborough University and has developed products at the likes of ITW and Dyson. His projects have taken him all over the world including trips to South-East Asia and Australia. He is a co-founder of a bag and accessories company in the UK and has also spent time training as a cabinet maker and bicycle mechanic.

We asked him a few questions to understand what he is all about…

What attracted you to working with the Aetha team?

“The biggest attraction is the variety of projects; each week presents different tasks and challenges as well as meetings with all sorts of people all over the country. The atmosphere and location are also great – team swimming in the morning and road cycling in the evening to bookend great days in the office.”

What will you be bringing to the Aetha team?

“Well, apart from a good knowledge of coffee and anything bicycle related, I also hope to make lots of exciting projects become a reality for Aetha’s clients. Taking the seed of an idea and turning it into an actual product that makes people’s lives better is the aim.”


Who is your biggest design inspiration?

“That’s a tough one. I like to draw inspiration from lots of people and not just designers – marketeers, architects and artists are inspirational too. If I had to choose one specifically I am a big fan of Dieter Rams – his work at Braun and his collections for Vitsoe are a particular highlight.”


Have you got a favourite design icon?

“Putting aside its poor environmental credentials I love Land Rover Defenders. I learnt to drive in an old 110 that my dad bought to ferry the family around in on camping adventures. It went everywhere and anywhere and was a lot of fun. A purely functional and utilitarian car, which is why it has been around for so long.”


What do you get up to outside of the studio?

“I like running and cycling. It’s when the best ideas and solutions always seem to come through. I like reading a good book to end the day”

Lastly, do you have a quote or mantra to live by?

“Not really. I like lots of mantras. A good one for design is: ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’ by Leonardo Da Vinci”

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