The Importance of Downtime

This week we are out in Morzine in the Alps. We’ve been talking with our team lots about the importance of getting away from the office studio, getting outdoors and also taking our minds off work…for design and creativity – we know that this is really important to how we work and how we develop concepts.

Here at Aetha, we know how important it is to encourage the team to do what works for them…whether that is exercising each day – running into the office, cycling to and from work or getting out on the water at lunch. We believe that the old fashioned way of working 9-5 is exactly that. “Old fashioned”. Instead, we’re developing a set of values which revolve around our team being active and getting outdoors as much as possible. We know this will pay us back in spades when it comes to delivering new concepts.

The culture of our organisation is one of the key reasons Tom started Aetha. Tired of spending day after day in an office full of hundreds of people with no windows, whilst being expected to deliver innovation on tap, we decided there had to be a better way.

For us, we know we’re more effective when we let our minds wander. Sure, there has to be a focus to our work – and there is – our rates of repeat business illustrate that our clients are pleased with what we deliver. We know though that sometimes inspiration can come from all around us – be it in the way a bird flies, the way a bridge has been designed, or the manufacturing method for a ski lift – by unlocking the world around us we enable these thoughts to cross-pollinate – that’s where the real value is.

If you’re tired of the grind, tired of the windowless offices, tired of being stifled, get in touch. Let us know how you deal with these pressures. Even better, send us a CV. We’re growing, and new opportunities for inspiring Product Designers are never far away.

Team Aetha

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