Core Handwraps – designed to protect your punch

After the succesful launch of their first product we caught up with the Core Handwraps Founder –  Chad Harrison to see how he came up with the product idea, the feedback he has had so far from athletes using his product and how the business is doing.

What are Core Handwraps: 

Chad’s CORE focus with the product was to protect the user’s punch and provide the user with the confidence they need to succeed. The ergonomic design moulds to the users knuckles with advanced hybrid technology, so that the user can perform their best and leave the rest to the Core Handwraps team.


So Chad, why this product?

I’ve done muay thai boxing for pretty much my whole life, competing and training up to 6 times a week. When I was younger I used to use dish washing sponges as a knuckle pad and I always used to encounter the same old problems! I would get sore friction burns on my knuckles as the sponge didn’t sit right and it would ride up my hand. If I didn’t have a sponge I would use my actual hand wrap as a knuckle pad, resulting in me not having enough wrap to protect my wrist!

So When did you first have the idea that you wanted to design your own product?

I took a couple of years out due to a hand injury and when returning to the gym I reverted back to my old style of hand protection. This was when the penny dropped. At the time there wasn’t anything on the market that would help me solve the daily problems I encountered for years. So that is what led me to think of CORE Hand Wraps.

So how + why did you decide to work with Aetha?

I wanted to create an affordable, high quality product with ultimate comfort, helping people with their training. After making a few prototypes in my old flat, I needed a company that would bring my idea into life and that’s when I discovered Aetha Design.

From the first call the team were very interested in my idea and saw potential. With regular catch up sessions about current strengths and weaknesses of the development stage where the team valued my opinion as much as I valued Aetha’s and when the CORE hand wrap was finally developed ready for manufacturing, I was over the moon.


The black and white of it is, I thought of an idea based on my daily problems in the gym and Aetha Design were able to help me design the solution and bring my idea to life. All the way from concept to final sign off, Aethe have been a pleasure to work with.



So, you have been launched a few months now, who is wearing the product and what’s the feedback so far?


CORE’s ethos is to be honest and credible, working as hard if not harder than the person training in them, celebrating the short term milestones along the way.

Since our launch we have had an overwhelming response, from current British champions, to European champions. Even world champions in their combat sport is something you will not fail to see on our instagram page @corehandwraps. A big name includes Jonathon “The General” Haggerty who is the ex One Championship world champion soon to be a two time world champion. Other combat athletes who compete on big stages such as Glory Kickboxing, UFC and Yokkao to name a few are all avid users of CORE Hand Wraps.

To find out more about Chad and CORE Handwraps – find the website here

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