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Aetha Design awarded EU grant for innovation!

We’re excited to announce Aetha Design has been awarded an EU grant for product design innovation.

We have always been passionate about film and cameras. Tom (our Director) started his career 10 years ago in the camera systems industry so to work on a product aimed at the film industry was an obvious choice for us. We hope to work on this project with local filmmakers and businesses to ensure we get the product right and provide a solution to a well-known industry problem.

With the increased amount of video content being produced in the UK, we believe that there is so much more innovation yet to be discovered in this field and we are delighted to work with the Arts University Bournemouth and the team there on our first camera project in this range. Video is the obvious future if content marketing, with consumers finding a deeper connection with brands who produce video content regularly. As video is highly visual and auditory, it’s easier for many users to remember than any other forms of content.

“The idea behind the product is to provide a solution to an everyday problem we’ve seen in the film industry. The EU grant will enable us to develop this product and put it into the hands of the filmmakers that need it. We’re incredibly excited to have the backing of the ERDF and the AUB,” Tom Parsons, Aetha Design Director.

About Aetha Design

Aetha Design is a small product design studio based in Poole, Dorset. We are collective of product designers who are all passionate about technology, sports and film. We aim to work with disruptive companies to innovate and develop unique products.

About the Arts University Bournemouth

The Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) is a specialist provider of high-quality teaching, learning and research and knowledge transfer concentrating on the arts, design, architecture, media and performance disciplines. AUB has worked closely with a range of start-up, micro, small, and medium-sized businesses within the region.

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