Project: MI.MU Gloves Case & Packaging
Client: MI:MU

The team at Mi:Mu approached us in 2019 to design them the most environmentally friendly way of protecting their products. The products that the case were designed for are a pair of gloves which are the world’s most advanced wearable musical instrument, for expressive creation, music composition and performance. The team wanted the protective case to give their users a way of safely receiving their purchase but also transporting their gloves around the world when their users travel or go to concerts/gigs.

Mi:Mu are passionate about the environment and asked us to look at the possibility of using recycled materials where possible. Taking this into consideration and their target unit price, we broke the packaging down into 2 parts,  anything disposable used to package and send to a user we made sure was recyclable and from sustainable sources including the outer mailer box and bag. For the actual case itself which was reusable,  the outer layer material is made from organic hemp which is hardwearing and designed for durability.

We also embossed the Mi:Mu logo on the top lid to add a premium feel.




Client feedback: 

“We used Aetha on a project. Its rare to get a project on time and on budget! What made it even more special was the good communication throughout. Would recommend!”