Project: The Memory Booth V2 
Client: The Memory Booth

The Memory Booth is a user-built photo booth designed to help guests capture moments at weddings and other functions.

Brief: We were approached by the Memory Booth team to design the second iteration of their established product. We updated the user experience by integrating a user interface along with LED feedback and a second camera to provide the user with visual feedback before taking their photo. We also redesigned the internal electronics layout by dramatically reducing the number of components and in doing so reduced the overall product weight and increased robustness and reliability.

We really enjoyed working on this product, not only because the team (who are local and based in Poole) are fun and full of passion but also because we enjoy events and photography.

This product is unique to the market as it requires no operator to set it up, is delivered directly to the client who then assembles it, sets it up where they want it, enjoys it at their event and then gets sent the photo “memories” straight after.