Project: ‘Breathe’ Air Purifying Planter
Client: Gro2

The ‘Breathe’ air purifying planter design allows air to permeate the roots of your plant in 3 dimensions unlocking the full air purification power of your plants.

Brief: We were approached by Gro2 to realise their product concept of a planter designed to optimise the natural air purifying power by increasing airflow to the roots. It is not widely known that although all plants increase indoor oxygen levels as a by-product of photosynthesis, airflow to the roots is just as important.

We produced a range of concepts for the two-piece planter with various hole patterns that promote airflow to the roots. We also developed a user-focussed method of removing the inner pot using alignment features and release notches around the rim. The planter was designed with manufacture in mind and we worked with injection moulding suppliers to make sure the deliverable product was manufacturable.

We also researched a variety of sustainable material options to improve the product’s sustainability. We sourced eco-friendly manufacturers using recycled plastics, ocean plastics, bioplastics using bamboo or other plant based materials including flax as well as other compostable materials.

Our team really enjoyed working on this product as it gave us the opportunity to have a few more plants in the studio and we love the idea of improving the air quality in flats, houses and offices around the world. We believe the colour customizing option will also encourage people to grow their collection of indoor plants and find a colour to suit their mood and personality.

Gro2 are proud to be launching their product on Kickstarter March 2019. You can read more about the product and support their campaign by ordering your own planter here.

“We explored a variety of 3rd party design options before deciding on Aetha. From initial contact and subsequently through a multi-stage design process, their service has been defined by a personable, professional and unquestionably talented delivery.”

Gro2 Founder