We hear how our new product designer is getting on here at Aetha Design

It’s been nearly 2 months since we welcomed Dan into the Aetha Design studio as our newest addition to the team and we are very surprised it has only been a couple months..it feels like he has always been here. We asked him to tell us a bit about the role and how he feels about Aetha Design.

So…How’s it going Dan?

I am writing about my first couple months as a professional designer here at Aetha. A few insights I would like to share may be a window into what it is really like to be a designer here at Aetha Design.

The day to day of being a product designer at Aetha Design

Firstly, I didn’t realise how dynamic a day in the life of a designer could be. In the morning I am rarely working on the same project as I am in the evening. I am keeping up to date with key design trends at lunch and by Tea I have just sketched out another page of concepts. I have a heart attack once a day as the dogs bark at the mail man, and recover by walking along the peer to get my lunch, usually a meal deal. I have worked on so many different projects already, some of which couldn’t be more polar opposite to each other. It has been so fresh every day. This helps the creative process as well, as you can come back to each project with a new look and with new perspectives. You really can’t get bored! The excitement of generating new ideas and turning them into a reality is so clear in the studio. It’s a real buzz.

The desire to create something beautiful..

We all have a drive to create the best products we can. This brings me onto my second point. The design world holds a lot of responsibility. More than you would care to realise and this can be exciting and scary. Everything has been designed, whether or not it has been thought about or considered is another matter entirely. I believe that’s what determines the best designers. The consideration for others and how they will use a product and ultimately, the desire to create something beautiful. I believe people can tell when something has been designed with real care. I am beginning to realise that I can make decisions about what kind of designer I want to be and can be. I can make decisions which will influence Aetha and hopefully the users in a great way. Some of the best design can go un-noticed or on the other hand, shock and awe. It comes down to the designer and with Aetha it can come down to me. I am very lucky to have the support and guidance of the other designers to help me make the best decisions I can.

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Final Insight

My Final insight is, I have realised that for the client this could be the first step after a 5 year idea. This could be their million dollar invention. I just try to remember as a designer, how would I feel if I was the client seeing my designs for the first time. They have a pre-conceived idea of this beautiful product, they are just uncertain of the form and functions, but they know it needs to solve a certain problem. We create the brief to satisfy this problem. They know what they like and what they don’t like. They just don’t know how to get to what they like. We are basically the intermediary between their brain and a tangible idea and product.

When I put myself in their shoes I see the products in a new light which helps me look critically at my own work to see where I can improve. What would I want if I had this idea bubbling for 5 years? Only the very best is the answer. I try to get as excited as they are to produce my best work. When I have made the changes I go to the other designers and ask for their opinion. I always ask a lot of questions. We are a team after all. Sophie and Tom really help as their professional opinions drive our designs to a higher standard.

What next?

I have only just started my journey and have a lot to learn but I feel perfectly at home with Aetha and I am excited to see where this leads me. I am a young designer trying to make an influence and a stamp. I hope you end up using one of our Products. If you do I can assure you we took incredible care of every aspect.


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