The cardboard product designed by Nintendo that could be anything from a motorbike to a piano!

At Aetha we love the look of this truly innovative new game from Nintendo. It’s refreshing to see a physical product release from Nintendo that isn’t a gaming console or new edition of Mario Cart. Instead, it’s just cardboard! But cardboard that could be a motorbike, piano, drum kit, guitar… the list goes on.

As a product designer, it’s always a joy to see a product that works on so many levels, it teaches the user to build from instructions, fuels their creativity and teaches them a new skill like playing a musical instrument.

Source: Nintendo

Even Ariana Grande has had a go with The Roots on the Jimmy Fallon show in the US.

How does it work?

The Nintendo Labo kit uses a beautifully simple way of producing a range of functions that use infrared sensors from the Nintendo Switch controller in combination with carefully placed white stickers on your creations to bring them to life e.g. on each cardboard key on the piano is a single white sticker that refers to a musical note. It’s an incredibly simple yet innovative way of creating joy. Nintendo has always pioneered the use of simple technology and taking it to entirely new and creative environments and the Labo is no exception.

To build your chosen game, just follow the on-screen instructions on your Switch which look like they need to come with a dad joke warning!

There is also a ‘discover’ section that will create future programming geniuses. It’s a very simple programming tool where you can get creative and make all kinds of tweaks to the standard designs e.g. you can turn your fishing rod into a remote control to drive the toy car.

Source: Techradar

So go create, invent and become programming, product designing, musical geniuses!

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