SPRAY – Designed with Stuart Semple and fully funded within 30 minutes on Kickstarter

Our friends Stuart Semple and the team at Culture Hustle launched a very exciting product we were involved in on Kickstarter last night 23rd February and got 100% funded within 30 minutes. The campaign is running for 60 days on Kickstarter and within the first 24 hours is pushing £100K. We have no doubt this campaign will set some records for the art and creative world.


An ingenious little device that turns (almost) any plastic bottle into an eco spray can! The team came to us with their SPRAY idea and the problem that normal spray cans lead to waste and told us how they wanted to re-invent the wheel and allow designers and creators to spray anything with SPRAY! You need a bike pump with a gauge (pumped up to 60-80 psi) the kickstarter campaign rewards include one.


They wanted to create a device that creators and artists could transport, use how they like, with what they like. Simple, eco, and powerful. In an ideal world, they said they would love it if the user would never have to buy a nasty aerosol ever again! This product ticks all our boxes in terms of having a purpose of reducing waste and single use cans. PLUS it gives the ability for creators to store their paint in coca cola bottles (or similar) for longer.

We prototyped and prototyped and then prototyped again until the design was perfect and passed the testing process with the team over at CULTURE HUSTLE at their studio. Our design team had some real fun spraying Stuart’s Black 3.0 and Pinkest Pink in the workshop.


8 million pieces of plastic pollution finds its way into the ocean daily. 79% of plastic waste is sent to landfills or the ocean, while only 9% is recycled, and 12% gets incinerated. The team at CULTURE HUSTLE and Stuart Semple’s answer is to come up with a creative use for plastic bottles.

The team there say “Single-use plastics are wrong and bad, aerosols are also damaging to the environment, and spray cans are a nightmare as they aren’t recyclable.”


Stuart Semple is one of the UK’s biggest visual artists, he believes ART is for EVERYONE. He has started sharing the best art materials in the world such as the Pinkest Pink, Black 3.0 ( the blackest black ), and LIT ( the world’s most potent light-emitting pigment ). He is also based in Dorset and we love working with local creators. To find out how you can support the campaign and watch the Kickstarter video please click here. 

*All photos and images supplied by Stuart Semple and the team at CULTURE HUSTLE
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