Reducing single use plastic in the household with Zoopscoop


Zoopscoop is a household produce which will help the reduce the use of single use plastic scoops given out with powders or formula products.

Current powder products come with a free scoop generally which aren’t practical. These free scoops are not reusable, and they’re definitely not functional. Their awkward design makes it tricky to dispense powders into narrow-necked bottles; there’s zero precision, and zero accuracy when it comes to measurements, resulting in unnecessary guesswork and unwanted waste. The Zoopscoop team said they have had enough of watching their powders (and money) wash down the drain.

An estimated 3.1 billion single-use plastic scoops end up in a landfill every single year. To the Zoopscoop team, this number was unacceptable — and they saw the problem as an easy one to fix. What’s more, the global protein powder and infant formula markets are set to scale to £32 billion and £103 billion respectively by 2027, meaning a more sustainable scoop is needed now more than ever.

ZoopScoop is a simple solution, and with its precise dispensing mechanism, extendable handle and sealable storage lid, it means no more spills, no more reaching, and no more plastic or excess powder waste. From protein to baby formula, to coffee and collagen, it’s the everyday essential you didn’t know you needed.

The Zoopscoop team approached Aetha Design 6 months ago following some prototypes they had made not functioning as they had wanted. With detailed design changes and recommendations from our team, several rounds of in-house prototyping and design for manufacture drawings completed the Zoopscoop team launched the product on crowdfunding site Kickstarter earlier in April 2021. The campaign was a success and was fully funded in 21 minutes. They have got just over 2 weeks to go and have raised +£35K with backers around the world.

To find out more about the product and the team behind Zoopscoop – head to their Kickstarter page here 

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