Introducing our new Product Designer – Will Grainger

Will joined Aetha Design at the beginning of June 2021. Here at Aetha we take the whole interview process pretty seriously. We are a small team, who spend a lot of time together in and out of the studio.

We sat down with Will and asked him a few questions which should tell you a bit more about him. Not to mention how he grabbed our attention with his opening line (see below) a screenshot of his job letter to us.

Hi Will, Welcome…tell us a bit about yourself – where did you grow up and where did you go to Uni:

Moved from the beaches of Swansea when I was super young and ended up as far as possible from the beach, in the mighty Midlands. In 2016 I travelled towards the cold weather and cheap trebles of the North, venturing up to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

What did you study at Uni and would you recommend the course:

I enrolled onto a historical and unique course called Design For Industry. The same course that Jony Ive was a part of when he was starting his career as a designer (big shoes to fill?). A course suited if you want to experience 2 shorter industrial placements, rather than a full year.

Have you worked anywhere else (even if it’s not design related):

From Lifeguarding to Zoo coffee-shops, I’ve had plenty of non-design related experiences. But for my two placements, I worked as a Web Designer and more recently an Industrial Designer. The latter being based in Antwerp, Belgium.

Why Aetha:

They valued me as a designer before I had even started, paying me for some requested interview project work and making it clear they don’t want someone who is only there to do their hours and leave. Friendship and out-of-office activity are key values for this tight-knit team.

How was the interview process/what was your favourite part:

With weekly Instagram live podcasts, it felt like I was given the answers before a test! Aetha explained how best to approach interviews and more importantly, how not to. Shared information that will be invaluable for the rest of my career.

What do you hope to be involved in with Aetha:

Learning the ins and outs of Design for manufacture is my main goal for my time at Aetha. The current designers have a plethora of experience and due to the nature of quick turnaround projects, I’ll be able to see real-life manufacturing that simply cannot be taught from books at uni.

Who is your favourite designer and why:

My favourite designer is Richard Sapper, for his studio’s constant special approaches to almost every range of products. Raw and sometimes brutal Industrial design with a memorable stamp.

You have only been here just less than a week – any highlights so far:

Getting to see the active projects was fun, there are some somewhat obscure briefs in the pipeline and I’m excited to see how they turn out. That and setting up my IP connection..

Moving to Poole for the job is a big deal, what have you liked about the area so far:

My commute to work is my favourite part of the area(s). Travelling 60% waterside, I get to see paddle boarders, runners, dogs, boats and even the occasional crab fisher. Getting out of bed in the morning has never been so easy.

We wish Will the best of luck and with a sunny weekend in store – I am sure the beaches of Poole and up and coming Surf will suit him well.

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