gro2 launch first Kickstarter campaign with air purifying planter

Our clients, gro2 have launched their first kickstarter campaign. Their innovative air purifying planter is a brand new integrated two-piece plant pot which is designed to enhance the natural air purification power of your plants.

The planters are available in 9 different colours – pink, yellow, red, black, white, midnight, sky, duckegg and cookie giving people more colours, more choice, more opportunity to customise.

You can buy one, three, all nine colours or more.  This will enable you to mix and match the inner and outer pot colours so you can add a whole new visual dimension to your plants. If you buy all 9 pots you can experiment with 81 different colour combinations.

Buy them for the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom or office – gro2 challenge you to find a space which cannot be enhanced with a gro2 planter.

The product, the Breathe Planter is inspired by NASA and designed to make indoor plant maintenance a breath of fresh air.

Who are Gro2?

gro2 is a start-up collaboration of people (based predominantly in London, UK) with a collective passion for delivering natural solutions to human problems. They want to grow a better home, office and city by connecting people directly to nature.

How were Aetha Design involved?

The gro2 team said they spent a long time looking for the right design partner to help them deliver our breathe planter. From the moment we made contact with the gro2 team we knew we would work well together. You can read more about the design and brief here on our works page. Here is what they had to say about us:

“From the first moment we made contact Tom, Josh and the team at Aetha were 100% on the mark. Aetha have sustainable design ingrained in everything they do. Their professional design expertise has allowed us to create, prototype and prepare for mass production without compromise.”

How can you get onboard?

We know we will be purchasing a few of these planters for the Aetha Design studio down in Poole and we believe every office and studio space could do well to have one. Go and support their campaign which ends of the 2nd June 2019 here

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