FORME – the shaker aimed to disrupt a smelly & stale market

Aetha Design were approached by the FORME team during the 2020 U.K lockdown to help them bring their product idea to life. The product launched on Kickstarter early April and was fully funded within 45 minutes. Now at just over £30K the team still have just over 2 weeks left on the crowdfunding site to secure pre orders.

So who are FORME and what are they looking to do: 

The FORME team are young, active and looking to disrupt the shaker market which is full of cheap, ugly, plastic and masculine smelly shakers.

FORME is the shaker solution the world has been waiting for. The team have created a shaker that won’t leak or smell, is easy to clean, has a silent shaker mechanism, a hidden storage container, a concealed drinking lip, regulates the temperature of the contents, and looks like it belongs in today’s fitness world.

FORME is a supplement shaker worthy of a place in your gym bag, on your desk and across your Instagram feed. Its sleek and smart design seeks to normalise supplement consumption, so that everyone can lead an optimal healthy lifestyle without judgement. Finally, a shaker for all supplement consumers.

What about the design: 

Aetha Design have worked with the U.K team at FORME for just under a year and supported the founders with prototyping, developing the design and finding and securing a manufacturing partner for them.

The design is sleek, gender neutral and subtle. This shaker is for a consumer who isn’t shouting about taking a supplement – instead it allows a user to keep nuts, snacks or protein powder hidden in their shaker.

Odours are caused by harmful bacteria sticking to the inside of your shaker, which gets even worse when it heats up. FORME’s kitchen grade stainless steel body has rounded edges inside so that it is easy to clean and there’s nowhere for powder to hide. The double walled, vacuum insulated body also regulates the temperature inside so that the contents stay colder for much longer than plastic shakers, meaning that it won’t get sweaty, smelly and end up in the bin after just a few uses.

When designing FORME, the team wanted to make sure we addressed all of the common problems that people experience with their existing shakers.  Some of the decisions were easy to make, such as creating a lid that didn’t leak and removing any square edges inside that could lead to bacteria build up. Other features took us a lot longer to solve, for example finding the perfect storage container size and shape to get an efficient pour. After a year of developing and revising the product, the team finally built the ideal solution with the FORME founders.

As with any design process, FORME required lots of prototyping. Aetha Design have an onsite workshop which allows prototyping to be done quickly using FDM and SLA printers. Aetha produced over 100 prototype parts in the design process to ensure we had the best fit and perfect functioning parts for the design.

How can you find out about FORME: 

If you are interested in hearing more about the product, head over to their website, IG or Kickstarter page here. We wish the FORME team the best of luck and can’t wait to start working on their next product with them. They have already been approached by several health and fitness brands to partner and we are excited about the future for this start-up!


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