CUPPLE launches on Kickstarter – The Water bottle and coffee cup with a twist

A unique and stylish water bottle and coffee cup in one – offering the worlds most convenient, safe solution to reduce one time plastic use – in a cupple of ways! Support the campaign here now through Indigogo


Cupple® went live on the world’s leading crowd funding platform, Kickstarter, on 9 September at 1700 BST, with the aim of raising funds to enable our clients Cupple to be manufactured and offered as the ultimate companion for those looking to reduce their day-to-day waste footprint. Cupple was 100% funded within the first 45 mins of launching.

After 30 days on Kickstarter, Cupple was successful in being 825% funded and has now moved to Indigogo so customers can pre order their product before the team officially launch in December 2020.

Cupple launch kickstarter

The creative cousins behind Cupple – Amanda and Eve – were frustrated by the rubbish they saw in our cities, on country lanes and in our oceans and came-up with a simple idea: a reusable water bottle and coffee cup that twist together.

Cupple approached Aetha Design back in 2018 with an idea and the design team at Aetha have worked with the team over the past 18 months. We have since made over 124 prototypes in our workshop, had stainless steel prototypes made for the campaign and marketing and the Cupple team have successfully paid for the tooling last month.

Cupple launch

Cupple enables users to reduce their single use waste footprint when they are on the move, filling the bottle of water at home, the insulated cup with lid twists off when ready for a hot drink. Most people grab more than one take-away drink a week which means a single person is creating their own small mountain of waste cups every year. Cupple saves space in your bag and contributes towards reducing the 7.7 billion single use plastic bottles and 3 billion throw away cups purchased every year in the UK.

Cupple up

Cupple® will initially be available in two colours – Chalk White and Sea Green, offering:

  • A 525ml drinks bottle with leak proof lid
  • A 340ml insulated double walled coffee cup with drip proof lid
  • An outersleeve that hygienically seals the cup and lid around the bottle
  • A fully recyclable product which uses re-cycled materials where possible
  • Strong, stylish, and sustainable design
  • A roll top bottle for comfort and controlled flow when drinking
  • A convenient carry loop for those ‘hands too full’ moments

Aetha Design Cupple

Specially discounted prices of between 25% and nearly 50% will be available via Kickstarter for a limited time from 9 September.  Prices for early backers for one Cupple start at £29.

Go support the Cupple team with their campaign now here 

The Aetha Design team have been involved in the product design, logo, branding and project management of the kickstarter campaign for Cupple. Thank you to the Cupple team for all your hard work, our campaign models – Tom Bentley,  Soraya Allen, Jun Chan & Faye Baggaley. The guys from Human Creative for the campaign video (Mike & Toby) and Jake Baggaley (photographer) Jules for your beautiful branding help on this and for our friends at Rockets & Rascals in Poole for letting us use your coffee shop and Jo at Lululemon.

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