Aetha Design Apprentice

Meet our apprentice

Samuel has been with Aetha Design as an apprentice for 6 months now. Sam, who is a Weymouth local is also a keen windsurfer and actually won the 2017 UKWA British Slalom Series overall title in his class. Nice work Sam!

We sat down with Sam to see how he thought he was getting on in the design studio, share some of his recent experiences and also see what he plans to do in the next 6 months.

“My time here has been very enjoyable. I have found that being at Aetha has given me the chance to meet influential people, who I am interested in and experience things hands on. For example, I went on a shoot with a client of ours to a remote bike park and was named in the final edit. I also have found that I enjoy learning and then being able to use my experience and what I have learnt in practice.”

Samuel is always on his feet in the design studio working with his hands, building prototypes and overseeing the 3D printer at work. If you would like to hear more about our apprenticeships then please get in contact with the team.

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